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What kind of training does the Career Mode consist of?

The Career Mode is almost entirely consisting of individual technical training that progresses in difficulty.  Only 1 exercise (Volleys) includes a partner, and a wall can be a perfect replacement if a partner is not present.

Is much equipment needed for Career Mode exercises?

The Career Mode curriculum was developed for a minimal amount of setup.  Some cones may be required for exercises.  A wall is needed for ball-striking exercises. Make sure to bring enough water to last a session!

How should I create my Career Mode?

Your Career Mode program is configured based off of 2 parameters.  We recommend you answer these questions honestly in order to be placed in the appropriate level of training.

1. Choose your level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):  Your answer will determine how difficult the Career Mode will be to advance to the next tournament.  Specifically, the price to unlock professional players is higher for every level.  This may require a user to replay training sessions if short points.

2. Your average juggling score:  There are over 160 levels of curriculum in the career mode. Your juggling score will determine at which level you will start.  We recommend you are honest with your score.  This will assure that you are placed at the most developmentally appropriate technical level.

How is the Career Mode Structured?

The Career Mode is organized in the following progression to allow for the user to compete against professional players in at least 9 different competitions (Sections – Sessions – Levels – Tournaments and Leagues – Stages – Cycles)

1. Sections and Sessions: Each Session is comprised of several sections. The sections start with a technical warmup, leading into the body and, ending with a technical cooldown. Segments are linked by technical skills-sets.  We recommend that you take a water break after completing each segment.

2. Levels:  Each Level has 2 training sessions.  Only after finishing the required level and unlocking assigned pro players will a tournament or league match be made available.

3. Leagues and Tournaments: Leagues are structured in a head-to-head group format.  In such cases, you will play against a differenct pro player within your group after each level of training.  Your overall (W-L-T) record accumulates over the entire set of rounds to determine your ranking.  Only the top half of qualification leagues will advance to the next elimination tournament. Tournaments are structured in elimination format.  The winner of best of 3 exercises will advance to the next round.  Rematches are available in all rounds except the semifinals and finals.

4. Stages: A group of tournaments comprise a Stage.  There are 3 types of stages (Basic, Qualification, and Championship).  The Basic Stage introduces you to the 2 tournaments formats (head-to-head leagues and elimination tournaments).  The basic stage consists of a Local Tournament, Open Cup, Regional League, and Nationals. The Qualification Stage consists of 2 head-to-head leagues (Premier League and World Cup Qualification).  Finishing in the top half of each league will qualify you to the Champions League and World Cup Finals.  The Champions Stage consists of 3 competitions (Champions League, World Cup Group Stage, World Cup Finals).

5. Cycles: A Cycle consists of multiple Stages. Depending on your starting point, there you advance from 1 to 3 Cycles until finishing the entire Career Mode Curriculum.

How do I unlock a Tournament/League?

You must complete the required training Level and unlock the assigned pro player.  Exercises vs a pro are associated with the same exercises trained in that respective level.  Therfore, it is important that you finish the required training sessions before advancing to a competition.

What if I do not have enough points to unlock the necessary pro player(s) for the next competition? 

The point system is structured in a manner of which you can replay any previous level completed for extra training.  You may want to do this for technical development or to obtain points to unlock pro players.

What is the difference between the Career Mode and Functional Training?

The Career Mode consists of technical training exercises for an individual, meanwhile, Functional Training consists of small-group technical exercises specific to the position you play.

Is Functional Training important for me?

Please note the benefits of our Functional Training Program.

1. Developmentally Appropriate Ages: Functional Training becomes more important for high school aged players and older. At this stage, it is beneficial for players to train in the specific position they play.  Certainly younger players are welcome to functional sessions, however, it may be difficult for a younger player to successfully complete certain topics to the technical and physical demand.

2. Multiple Positions: It is not uncommon to be asked to play multiple throughout your career.  Feel free to train sessions of any position.

3. Technical Repetition: Technical repetition of purposeful training is vital for player development.  We recommend that players repeat training sessions multiple times for technical mastery before moving to the next.

How is the Functional Training curriculum structured?

Each position has prioritized topics, and each topic will contain multiple training sessions.

Training sessions of each topic will progress in the following format.

1. Technical Proficency:  Sessions will first cover every technical variation to a certain situation. This may include technical variation in receiving, escaping pressure, penetration, and ball-striking. (Example: A central midfielder may use several techniques to receive the ball to change the point of attack)

2. Reactive Decision Making:  The next step is to address each situation and option previously trained with decision-making.  How well a player identifies visual cues of pressure, support, spacing (and so on) as a situation develops becomes very important.  Decision making with composure without sacrificing technique is a key.

3. Non-Dominant Foot:  The final step is to master the same techniques, variations, and decision making with your non-dominant foot.

What if I am a left-footed player.  Functional sessions seem to begin as if a player is right-footed? 

You have 2 options. (1) The preferred approach is to complete the exercise on the opposite side so that you are using your preferred foot in the situation that suits you.  Then when the curriculum switches to the opposite side of the field, you can practice with your non-dominant foot. (2) Alternatively, you may complete the exercise as-is, knowing that future exercises will eventually repeat from the opposite side using your other foot.

What if I finish all functional training sessions in my position? 

Repetition is important.  Each position will have 15-20 training sessions. We recommend repeating each session several times for mastery.  We also recommend training a second position as many positions have carryover in technical demands.

When do you plan to have a GK program available? 

We plan to have a GK section ready for 2018 developed and demonstrated by 2 national team players.



What is the best way to use the Teammate Mode?

Check out the uses and benefits to the Teammate Mode below.

1. Single Matches: There is no better banter than beating your friends and teammates in soccer-tennis or a crossbar challenge. Develop a standings between you and your best friend over the course of the entire season.

2. Customize Head-to-Head Leagues and Elimination Tournaments: Create your own ‘Fantasy Sports’ styled training leagues using fun soccer exercises.  No gamification like it exists!  Create your own league with the entire team and play against teammates throughout the season either developing a head-to-head overall record or a tournament champion.

3. Technical Development: Not nearly as strucutred in curriculum as the Career Mode, Functional Training, and Freestyle Program, however, each exercise has a specific technical demand.  Exercises are organized into the following categories: 1v1 penetration moves, 1v1 escape moves, passing, finishing, and receiving. There might not be a more entertaining way to train than doing so directly against your teammates!

Do Teammate Matches need to be face-to-face?

Yes, we strongly recommend playing against your friend or teammate in person.  This will eliminate any controversy.

I submitted my result but it is not recorded in my overall record?

Both players must submit a result for the match to be finalized.  Otherwise the match result will remain in ‘pending’ status. Although both players do not need their phones present at the time of a match, it does make the process easier.  We recommend you use your own phone to time yourself. You’ll find that this will save time.

What is an ‘Abandoned’ Match?

An abandoned match means that both players submitted that they beat the other player.  This can not happen. Therefore, the result can not be processed.  It will be termed as ‘abandoned.’  Abandoned matches can be replayed!

What if my friend or teammate cheats and puts an incorrect result?

If an incorrect result is submitted, most likely this will lead to an ‘abandoned’ match (see above).  This must be self-policed.  We feel you will not want to play against someone that continually cheats.  Also, we strongly recommend playing your matches face-to-face.

What are the Customized Tournament requirements?

1. Number of Players: You must have at least 4 players to create a head-to-head league or elimination tournament.  This means 4 players must accept the tournament.  Pending players will not be included in a finalized league or tournament.

2. Exercise Selection: You can select up to 5 exercises while creating a League or Tournaments.

3. Length of each Round: The tournament will not advance into the next round until all matches are completed.  Make sure your teammates remain active!

How do I unlock exercises for the Individual Mode?

The Individual Mode and Career Mode programs are linked.  Individual Mode exercises are unlocked as you progress through the Career Mode.  This is done to make sure the exercises in this mode you complete are developmentally appropriate for your level.

What is the value of the Indvidual Mode?

1. Set Personal High Scores: The Individual Mode allows you to set personal records.  Juggle until you need to stop!

2. Train at your Own Pace: Unlike the other training programs that are structured with specific curriculum, the Individual Mode allows you to practice any exercise you want for however long you need!  If you want to juggle for hours until you reach your new high score, the Individual Mode is perfect!

How is the Individual Mode point system and levels determined ?

Points and Levels are based off of the score you submit in relation to your age.  We will not reveal this matrix, however, we tested players of each level for every age group to determine a best-fit scoring system.

What is stopping me from cheating and submitting an incorrect high score?

Nothing, but we feel like your score won’t mean much to you if you haven’t truely accomplished it.  Nothing feels better than achievement from hard work!

How do I unlock the next level of Freestyle Skills?

You must ‘Complete’ or ‘Master’ every skill of the current level to unlock the next stage of tricks.

Some of these Freestyle skills are extremely difficult. How do you recommend we use this program to master the skills best?

1. Purposeful Training: Train in full concentration.  Be very intentional with you practice.  The step-by-step photos will give you technical coaching tips. Try to identify what movement, technique, or touch is holding you back.

2. Step-by-Step Videos: It is very difficult to watch a full trick and execute it straight away.  Instead we highly recommend breaking the trick down into parts as demonstrated with the step-by-step tutorial videos.

3. Tricks build from previous skills:  We strongly recommend you move on to the next trick only once you have truely mastered your current skill.  Do not skip exercises to quickly!  You will find that tricks combine and it will be very difficult to complete until previous skills are perfected.

Why aren’t my videos or photos loading quickly?

Videos and Sessions require internet service. If you have poor to no service, the training app may not function to full functionality and speed. It may help to press ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ during instances to quicken load time. With 3000+ video demonstrations and 15,000 step by step photos, the decision was made to build the app in a manner that lessens the amount of content that you need to download. This would not only overload the app, but increase the price of service due to extremely high serving hosting fees

Am I able to switch into another app in the middle of a training session?

Yes, but please pause your session before leaving the Footy Training App.  Not pausing the session will cause the app to freeze!

Why does the Audio and Timer sometimes not pause while viewing setup diagrams, step-by-step photos, or video demonstrations?

This may happen on occasion when you click on an icon during the audio voiceover of the exercise title. In such instances, exit the diagram or photo screen to return back to the session page. Then click the icon a 2nd time and leave again. This will often reset any audio bug that may have occurred.

Does something not look right?

We are trying to make improvements constantly to better serve player development in soccer community. Please email us at with any feedback.



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