Getting Started with Footy Training

A guide to help you maximize 2-5 years of training curriculum!

Account Information

How do I change my username and password?

Go to the Footy Training main menu and click on your photo icon.  This will take you to the your account settings screen to change information such as your username and password.

I have changed clubs.  Will this effect my payment plan?

If you change clubs in the middle of your season, any adjustments you make in your Footy Training profile will only effect how you are grouped in our leaderboard. You will remain on the same payment plan for the length of your term.



Is there a difference between the Android and iOS version?

Yes. The main difference lies in your registration and payment process.

Android Version: Footy Training for Android devices will allow you to download Footy Training’s free version from Google Play, however, you will be immediately redirected to the payment plans after registration.

iOS Version: The iOS has a free version where you may use limited components to training programs.  You must upgrade to Footy Training Pro to have access to all programs and all 2-5 years of training curriculum.

Functionality:  The functionality, programs, and point systems of both versions all work identically.  The only differences may be in icon sizing and dimen

My friend is being charged a different rate for Footy Training Pro. Why is this?

Footy Training will offer clubs a rate for entire club affiliation and implementation.  Please have your coach, DOC, or club administration contact us at for questions on how to become a Footy Training Club.

I have changed clubs.  Will this effect my billing rate?

Changing your club will only change your statistical ranking during that current term.  Your payment plan will remain the same until the end of your term as well.  Your auto-renew payment for next year will however, be affected.  Please alert Footy Training for any changes at

How do I cancel my account?

Please contact for cancelation. While this will cancel your service (access of account) please view the refund policy below for such inquiries.

Refund Policy: The Footy Training app is made “as is” and refunds are not distributed. We are offering a curriculum of 400+ full length sessions for the price of 1 to 3 private training sessions. This app is designed to be affordable for all to use. With that said, we are always looking to make improvements, so please let us now if you run into trouble.


What is the difference between Footy Training and Footy Training Pro?

We allow for a limited ‘free’ version of Footy Training for iOS devices.  Users will have to upgrade to Footy Training Pro as an in-app purchase.  We strongly encourage users to upgrade to ‘Pro’ version to access the Career Mode, all Functional training sessions, and the Teammate Mode.

What is Footy Training Premium?

Footy Training Premium (available in the summer of 2018) contains 9 Physical, Psychosocial, and Lifestyle programs in addition to the 5 technical training programs offered in the ‘Pro’ version.

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