Player Development Features

An overview of the Footy App's main Features and Services

Training Module

Technical Training Programs

1. Career Mode

Complete full-length training sessions to obtain points to unlock 31 National Team and professional players.  Compete against unlocked pros in a variety of league and tournament competitions.  The training curriculum gets progressively more difficult as you advance, so train well!

Training Curriculum

Starting Points and Difficulty Level: There are 9 different starting points within the Career Mode. When creating your program, you will be asked 2 questions:

1. Competitive Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced): This will determine how often you may need to train in order to advance through the curriculum.  Pro players will cost more points to unlock, meaning additional training may be required to unlock tournaments. 

2. Average Juggling Score:  This will determine the starting point a player is placed within the training curriculum.  It is important that you are placed at a level of training appropriate to your ability.  The graphic gives you our minimum juggling score recommendations for each age. 

Sessions and Levels: The Career Mode consists of 160+ Levels amounting to 320+ Sessions.  Each session has 4 components (Warmup, Technical Skills, Ball-Striking, and a Cooldown).

1. Warmup Groupings: 10yd Speed Dribbling, 6 Cone, Alphabet, Forward 15, Foundation, Rollies, Rolls, R-Rolls, Scattered Cones, Soca Skills, Soccer Tennis, Square Skills, Volleys 

Warmup Priorities:  Execution, Acceleration, Control, Footspeed, Balance/Coordination, Rhythm, Surfaces, 1st Touch 

2. Skill Variations: Moves to Penetrate (43 Skills) Moves to Escape (17 Skills)

Skill Progression:  (1) Stationary execution, (2) Execution on the Dribble, (3) Execution with Eyes Up, (4) Consistency at Top-Speed, (5) Acceleration after Execution, and (6) Mastery with Both Feet.

3. Ball-Striking & Receiving: Passing (64 Var.), Receiving (70 Var.), Finishing (50 Var.)

4. Juggling Groupings: Normal Juggles (3 Variations), Kickups (4 Var.), Ball Type (3 Var.), Distance Juggles (7 Var.), Sequence Juggles (6 Var.), Ground Juggles (4 Var.)

Challenging a Pro

Unlocking a Tournament: Complete the required training level(s), to obtain enough points to unlock the associated pro players and the next tournament/league.

Stage 1 Tournaments require the user to complete 2 levels (4 training sessions) for each tournament to be unlocked.

Stage 2 Tournaments require the user to complete 1 level (2 training sessions) between each qualification match.

Stage 3 Tournaments require the user to complete 2 levels (4 training sessions) between each match.

Match vs a Pro Player:  Compete against a pro in 3 exercises trained in the most recent sessions. (1) Watch the video demonstration, (2) Complete the exercise, (3) Submit your score, (4) Watch the pro doing the same exercise to see who scored higher.  Best 2 out of 3 wins.

Tournament Progressions

Stage 1 Basic Competitions: (1) Local Tournament: 4 Player Elimination Tournament.  (2) Open Cup: 8 Player Elimination Tournament. (3) Regionals: 4 Player Head-to-Head Tournament. (4) National Tournament: 16 Player Elimination Tournament

Stage 2 Qualification Leagues: (1) Premier League: 16 player head-to-head league. (2) World Cup Qualification: 6 player head-to-head league of 10 total matches.  Advance in the top half of both leagues to advance to Stage 3.

Stage 3 Final Competitions: (1) Champions League: 16 Elimination Tournament. (2) World Cup Group Stage: 4 Player Head-to-Head League. (3) World Cup Finals: 16 Player Elimination Tournament.

Cycles:  Stages 1-3 repeat until next cycles until the entire training curriculum is completed.


2. Functional Program

Train in the specific position you play.  Functional training is ideal for older players that are looking to master the essential skill-sets of their position.


Complete 15-20 full-length training sessions in each position (CB, OB, CM, WP, Fwd).  Each position is organized into topics.  Exercises are also more complexed than that of the Career Mode.  They consist of small group exercises that may require a partner or 2 either pass balls into you or make runs as a simulated target.  Although not required, exercises may also be better represented using cones, goals, and mannequins.


(1) Technical Proficency in each situation.

(2) Reactive Decision Making

(3) Proficency with your Non-Dominant Foot.


The training ground setup is very similar to the Career Mode.  Features consist of Video Demonstration, Step-by-Step photos, and Exercise Diagrams.  Video demonstrations include audio voice-over coaching points.

3. Teammate Challenge

Challenge your teammates before or after training to single matches and customizable ‘fantasy sports’ training leagues.  Keep a standings between you and your friends throughout the season.

Exercise Selection

Choose from 27 different partner exercises.  Challenges are categorized by:  Footskills, 1v1 Skills, Receiving, Distribution, Finishing, and Juggling. 

Match Formats

Single Matches:  Build an overall record between you and a friend in single matches.  Play as many matches at your own pace and see who is best across the entire year. 

Head-to-Head Leagues:  Customize a head-to-head league accumulating a standings between your entire team.  Play against a different teammate each round with the top 3 players receiving trophies for their top placing. 

Elimination Tournaments:  Customize a 4,8, or 16 player knockout tournament.  Winners advance to the next round, whereas losers are eliminated until reaching the finals.


1. Submitting a Result:  Both players must submit a result.  Failing to do so will leave the match in ‘pending’ status with the result not taking effect. 

2. Abandoned Matches:  Submitted results from both players must match.  If both users submit that they won, the match will be ‘abandoned.’  Abandoned matches can be replayed.

3. Face-to-Face Validation:  It is strongly recommended that matches take place in-person with both players present.  

4. League and Tournament Completion:  A league and tournament will only move to the next round once every match has been played.  Make sure all users remain active throughout the entire season. 

4. Individual Mode

Train at your own pace.  Set personal high scores in exercises unlocked from the Career Mode.


Exercises are organized into the following categories: Footskills, 1v1 Penetration Moves, 1v1 Escape Moves, Receiving, Passing, Finishing, and Juggling.  Each category is then grouped into skills and exercise variations.  


(1) Watch the video demonstration

(2) Complete the exercise under the set time.

(3) Submit your score.

Point System

Obtain points and reach levels for every submitted score.  Both will vary based on your age.  Points earned from every exercise will accumulate, whereas the levels of all skills will be averaged out.  Be honest with your score.  Cheating will not make you a better player. 

5. Freestyle Program

Master 50 of the latest freestyle skills with curriculum developed by Learn2Freestyle.


The Freestyle program consists of 50 skills divided into 3 Stages of difficulty.  Tricks are categorized by Uppers, Lowers, Ground, Air Moves, and Sitdowns.  You can advance to the next stage of skills only after ‘completing’ or ‘mastering’ each trick.

Training Features

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials:  Teaching yourself a full trick from the beginning is often times the less efficient way to master a skill.  We recommend you watch each step-by-step video tutorial one at a time.  Only after mastering one step should you advance to the next.   

Step-by-Step Photo Instruction Review step-by-step photo noting the technical coaching pointers.  

Demonstration Videos View the full-skill video demonstration from multiple angles and slow motion.

Session Timer This timer will log time spent practicing the skill in your current session.

Overall Skill Timer This timer will log your overall time spent training a skill over multiple sessions.

Point System

1. Points Earned: You receive 1 point for every minute trained.  A timer will log your time in your current session.  A 2nd log your overall time trained for that skill.

2. Skill Status:  Submit your status as ‘Still Progressing, Completed, or Mastered.’  


Additional Resources

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