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Footy Training is a community of individuals that want to give back to others through the game we love.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to help make Footy possible!

Founder: Armand Dikranian – Vol. Assistant Coach at Florida State University Women’s Soccer (2013-2016 seasons). 2014 NCAA D1 National Champion. Overall combined record of 142W-42L-31T in 10 seasons with at least 10 wins every year.

National Team and Professional Players:
Freddy Adu: USA MNT
Eddie Ababio: USA U17 MNT, Colorado Rapids
Marisa Abegg: USA U23 WNT, NWSL
Kalif Alhassan: Ghana U20 MNT, 5years MLS
Jordan Allen: USA U20 MNT, Real Salt Lake
Daniela Andrade: Guatemala WNT
Melvin Becket: Australian U19 MNT
Zak Boggs: 3 Years MLS, New England Revolution
Andrew Brody: USA U23 MNT, Real Monarchs
Dagny Brynjarsdottir: Iceland WNT, Bayern Munich, NWSL
Megan Campbell: Ireland WNT, Manchester City
Olivia Chance: New Zealand WNT
Kirsten Crowley: USA U23 WNT
Becky Edwards: USA U23 WNT, NWSL
Ashani Fairclough: Jamaica MNT, Seattle Sounders
Jamia Fields: USA U20 WNT, NWSL
Evans Frimpong: Ghana, OKC
Justen Glad: USA U18 MNT, Real Salt Lake
Kristen Grubka: USA U23 WNT, NWSL
Jeremy Hall: Puerto Rico MNT, 7 years MLS
Kassey Kallman: USA U23 WNT, NWSL
Tiffany McCarty: USA U20 WNT, NWSL
Carson Pickett: USA U23 WNT, NWSL
Diana Saenz: Costa Rica WNT
Isabella Schmid: Germany U23 WNT
Bergland Thorvaldsdottir: Iceland WNT
Sebastien Thuriere: Haiti MNT
Ricardo Velazco: Real Salt Lake
Ricardo Webb: Jamaica MNT
Jun Yamaguchi: FC Tokyo
Mami Yamaguchi: Japan WNT
Learn2Freestyle: CM!

If you wish to join this fantastic Footy Training community giving back to the game as a resource contributor or pro player please contact us below

And lastly, thank you to everyone else who leads the inspiration to be great!!

Footy Foundation

Creating Better Players and Better People

The Footy Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed to invest in high achieving soccer mentors, coaches, and players dedicated to leadership, service and action to positively affect others.  A % of proceeds of each download get allocated to a scholarship foundation to help the exceptional make a greater impact in the world.


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